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March: Work & Passion


Since the majority of our time is dedicated to our work, it is imperative to find joy in what you do.  I sometimes struggle with this and often have to remind myself of the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives of my job.  This helps me get through the moments of hating my job and leaves me feeling happy, or at least content.  Another way to counter any negative feelings we have about our jobs is to actively pursue our passions.  Pursuing my passion is another focus of this month as I want to continue to develop my business, my passion,  I started.  So let the month begin (OK I know, it’s already Mar 5) and focus on Work & Passion:

So this month I have decided to focus on 5 Specific Goals:

  1. Enjoy the Fun of Failure: I have started my own business and it is doing quite well, but I know it can be better.  I have asked myself what is holding me back? And the answer is simple:  Fear of Failure.  So to counter that I decided to embrace all those mistakes I am afraid of.  Take them in, thank them, and remind myself that every failure puts me one step closer to success.
  2. Brand Me: Because social media is so integrated in our work lives, I want to make sure my “ brand” looks like … me.  I want to update and make current all my sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube)  to help increase exposure of myself and of my business.
  3. Give my Blog a Hug:  I have had this blog for over 4 years now and somehow is it still not part of my daily life.  I think about it, I talk about it, but I don’t do anything for it.  This blog has become a personal diary, yet I haven’t given it my lovin’.  What does that say about me?  This month I want to work on my blog, make it look and feel more like me, and give it a big hug!
  4. Efficacy: the power to produce a desired result or effect:  I just love this word.  It’s a funny      word, at least to me, and it really doesn’t roll off the tongue, at least not my tongue.  It’s a word that      seems to be popping up everywhere I go, so I took that as a sign that I should focus on my personal efficacy and believe in my power to get my desired result.  That’ll work.
  5. Separate Work & Passion: Wait?  Why separate?  Well, I currently have 2 jobs: 1 that pays the bills and the other that is my passion.  I am finding that because I work from home, my work and passion tend to get all mixed together which leaves my passion feeling like work which then leads me to not wanting to pursue my passion.   I want to separate the two for now so that  one day my work and my passion will be one and the same.

Ok let’s go …imagesCAEE00B5

January: Time & Energy

clockLast year my time and energy were on a roller coaster of ups and downs that my mind was constantly spinning.  I tried on several occasions to get focused, but so many wrenches were thrown into my plan that I would give up leaving my energy depleted and time lost.  This January I have decided to focus on managing my time better and getting my energy back up.  It’s the perfect way to start the year!

To help manage my time and to increase my energy I have decided to focus on 6 Daily Goals:

  1. Set the Day’s Schedule Daily:   I work for home which can be a blessing and a curse.  I can create my own schedule, but that can also lead to wasting time on unnecessary activities.  So to gain back my time, I need to plan my day so I can get what needs to be accomplished done.  I like ‘to-do’ list, I like schedules, but I also have to be willing to be flexible when my time planned gets changed.  To better manage my time I need to prep my day’s tasked daily.
  2. Move Move Move!:   I need to make exercise a part of my daily routine, included in my daily schedule and make it a priority.  This will help increase my energy and give me the lift I need to tackle the day.
  3. Turn off the TV:   Huge time waster.  I just need to turn the darn thing off!  My goal is to turn if off during ‘work’ hours :-)
  4. Don’t put off tomorrow what I can check off my ‘To-do’ list today:   I can be a procrastinator.  I just need to tackle every item on my ‘to-do’ and move on already.
  5. Clean my space: Clear my mind:   I am much more productive when my work and home spaces are clean and organized.  I have already gotten into the habit of making my bed daily.  Now I want to focus on picking up my work at the end of the day and cleaning the kitchen before going to bed.  Ahh … I know how good it will feel!

These 6 Goals are to help me focus, to set my schedule and to get more energized. Each will requires some work as I tend to get scattered about and then I ‘don’t have time’ to do anything, but I am ready to tackle January!

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