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My 15 Commandments

imagesCAQTP4YEI have really enjoyed planning my Happiness Project.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fun.  My favorite part of the planning stage of this project was to define my personal commandments as suggested in the book, The Happiness Project.  These commandments are your personal principles that you define to help guide you through your project and through your life.  This was both challenging and rewarding to define, but in the end I think I came up with the perfect list for me.

My 15 Commandments:

  1. Be Tricia.
  2. No regrets. Look forward.
  3. Act the way I want to feel.
  4. Do it now.
  5. Be polite, be kind and be fair.
  6. Enjoy the journey.
  7. Be curious. Keep learning.
  8. Respect myself.
  9. Gratitude is everything.
  10. Less is more.
  11. Accept & expect abundance.
  12. There is only love.
  13. Be here. Be now. Be mindful.
  14. Share the wealth.
  15. Connect with nature.

So what are your personal commandments?

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