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January: Time & Energy

clockLast year my time and energy were on a roller coaster of ups and downs that my mind was constantly spinning.  I tried on several occasions to get focused, but so many wrenches were thrown into my plan that I would give up leaving my energy depleted and time lost.  This January I have decided to focus on managing my time better and getting my energy back up.  It’s the perfect way to start the year!

To help manage my time and to increase my energy I have decided to focus on 6 Daily Goals:

  1. Set the Day’s Schedule Daily:   I work for home which can be a blessing and a curse.  I can create my own schedule, but that can also lead to wasting time on unnecessary activities.  So to gain back my time, I need to plan my day so I can get what needs to be accomplished done.  I like ‘to-do’ list, I like schedules, but I also have to be willing to be flexible when my time planned gets changed.  To better manage my time I need to prep my day’s tasked daily.
  2. Move Move Move!:   I need to make exercise a part of my daily routine, included in my daily schedule and make it a priority.  This will help increase my energy and give me the lift I need to tackle the day.
  3. Turn off the TV:   Huge time waster.  I just need to turn the darn thing off!  My goal is to turn if off during ‘work’ hours :-)
  4. Don’t put off tomorrow what I can check off my ‘To-do’ list today:   I can be a procrastinator.  I just need to tackle every item on my ‘to-do’ and move on already.
  5. Clean my space: Clear my mind:   I am much more productive when my work and home spaces are clean and organized.  I have already gotten into the habit of making my bed daily.  Now I want to focus on picking up my work at the end of the day and cleaning the kitchen before going to bed.  Ahh … I know how good it will feel!

These 6 Goals are to help me focus, to set my schedule and to get more energized. Each will requires some work as I tend to get scattered about and then I ‘don’t have time’ to do anything, but I am ready to tackle January!

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