40Gal Bucket List

A list of life's 'to-do's' before turning 50 … our journey of gettin' stuff done

Countdown to 50

40 Gal’s Bucket List: Countdown to 50

  1. Write a blog until I am 50 years old
  2. Learn to fence – DONE!
  3. Go to the US Open
  4. Walk 3/4’s around the world – 18,676.20 miles via fitbit
  5. Get my cholesterol below 200
  6. Wear a size 2 again
  7. Learn conversational Spanish so I can chat with my In-laws!
  8. Become our Family Historian
  9. Learn to make Paella, Tortilla, Sangria and Gazpacho for my husband
  10. Make a gingerbread house
  11. Bake a birthday cake for someone special
  12. Learn self-hypnosis
  13. Learn to make an apple pie
  14. Try absinthe
  15. Give advice and then take my own advice
  16. Learn the game of archery
  17. Discover my passion and turn it into a career
  18. Do a month long video diary on YouTube
  19. Complete a 90 day fitness challenge
  20. Sleep in the Dream Hotel In New York City
  21. Carve a pumpkin
  22. Go apple picking
  23. Go to a horse race
  24. Learn Tai Chi
  25. Learn to belly dance
  26. Write a novel
  27. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  28. Create a Coat of Arms for my family
  29. Learn how to play chess
  30. See a ghost – friendly ghost that is!
  31. Visit all 50 states – 10 to go!
  32. Dine in the dark
  33. Pan for gold
  34. Go on an archaeological dig
  35. Spend a night at a dude ranch
  36. Visit a volcano
  37. Visit the Lizzie Borden House
  38. Go on a spa vacation
  39. Shop at Harrods’s
  40. Go to an international Futbol game
  41. Be part of a Flash Mob
  42. Make a waiter/waitresses day – give a 100% tip for good service
  43. Create my own website
  44. Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty once a month for a year
  45. Ride a camel
  46. Do a split like I did at 15 yrs old
  47. Milk a cow
  48. Do DNA ancestry – DONE!
  49. Become a certified Secret Shopper and then secret shop
  50. Go to an Ohio State Football game and cheer on my husband’s alma mater

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