40Gal Bucket List

A list of life's 'to-do's' before turning 50 … our journey of gettin' stuff done

Countdown to 40

Below is the list that started it all … my 40 Gal Bucket List. I started tackling this list in 2009 and was committed to completing the list by December 28, 2010 when I turned 40. I am proud to say that I worked on every item on this list and 100% completed 34 of the items. The remaining 6 items are therefore still on my ‘to-do’ list – so add another 6 items to my goal to 50! 

  1. Write a blog for a year – until I am 40  —  DONE!
  2. Watch all the Oscar winning movies  —  DONE!
  3. Drink champagne at The Plaza  —  DONE!
  4. Get my first mammogram and walk the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer  —  DONE!
  5. Get hypnotized  —  DONE!
  6. Got to the Bronx Zoo  —  DONE!
  7. Shoot a gun  —  DONE!
  8. Learn to trapeze  —  DONE!
  9. Indoor or our door rock climb   —  DONE!
  10. Work with a personal trainer  —  DONE!
  11. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon  —  DONE!
  12. Visit Niagra Falls  —  DONE!
  13. Got to a major sporting event  —  DONE!
  14. Got to a hockey game at Madison Square Garden  —  DONE!
  15. Experience alternative medicine  —  DONE!
  16. Vacation in Paris  —  DONE!
  17. Write a fan letter  —  DONE!
  18. Got to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral  —  DONE!
  19. Got to an opera  —  DONE!
  20. Play poker in Las Vegas  —  DONE!
  21. Take my parents out to dinner and pay  —  DONE!
  22. Go on 40 dates in my last year of my 30’s  —  DONE!
  23. Be on national TV   —  DONE!
  24. Picnic in Central Park  —  DONE!
  25. Bike around Manhattan  —  DONE!
  26. Visit 40 of the 50 States  —  DONE!
  27. Spend NO money for a month  —  DONE!
  28. Got to a Renaissance Festival  —  DONE!
  29. Enter my 40’s with ZERO debt  —  DONE!
  30. Trace my ancestry  —  DONE!
  31. Send a message in a bottle  —  DONE!
  32. Learn to say hello in 40 languages  —  DONE!
  33. Go white water rafting  —  DONE!
  34. Listen to the top 10 classical music pieces of all time and know who composed them  —  DONE!
  35. Read Anna Karenina by Leo TolstoY  —  DONE! (SORT OF)
  36. Drop $50 on a bottle of wine
  37. Learn to snow ski
  38. Wear a bikini with confidence – 111 lbs
  39. Get a tattoo
  40. Run a 5K

4 thoughts on “Countdown to 40

  1. catherine lowery on said:

    I’m very impressed. 35.Read Anna Karenina by Leo TolstoY – DONE! (SORT OF) -Maybe you can watch the movie first!! New version lol

  2. catherine lowery on said:

    27.Spend NO money for a month – DONE! How did you do this? Are there details on this experience?

    • The first time I did it – I did it Hard Core! Literally I did not spend any money except subway pass and I think milk and cereal so I could have food at work. I ate what I had in the pantry and even when I ran out of coffee I then drank all the tea (which is not my favorite) I had bought over the years (somehow I had multiple boxes of green tea – I assume I bought because I had started a new diet ;-) I saved so much money! It forced me to use what I had and not to spend money on randon things. Also, I had a friend that came to town and wanted to go to dinner and I explained to her that I couldnt spend any money so instead we walked through the park to catch up which was just as nice. It really was a cool experience. We tried again this past March, but it was tougher because of the travel that we both had to do.

      You shoudl try it … or at least do a No ordering in Month (forces you to cook whcih saves $), or no renting movies month (forces you to watch the DVDs you already own), or No Shopping Month (so if you run out of make-up you use the other make-up you know you have ).

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