40Gal Bucket List

A list of life's 'to-do's' before turning 50 … our journey of gettin' stuff done

About Us


My husband and I met one warm August evening in 2010.  He was just a number at first, he was Bachelor #11 and Date#12 in my personal bucket list quest of going on 40 Dates before I turned 40 which was only 4 months away.  I had a serious task ahead of me, why did I hesitate for a full year to really get out there and date?  I don’t know.  But I do know that day in August of 2010 changed my life and changed Bachelor #11’s life too.

By December 28, 2010 I had turned 40, I had gone on 40 dates and I was engaged to the man of my dreams.  This Bucket List forced me to get out of my comfort zone, to meet new people and try new things.  It was the best ‘to-do’ list I have ever come up with and that is why as a couple we have decided to continue getting out of our comfort zones, meeting new people and trying new things.  You never know what new adventures lie ahead.

So a little about both of us.  As I write this, I am 42 years old.  I live in New York City and have for 13 years.  I am originally from New Orleans, but always desired city life.  My decision to move to NYC was one of the best in my life (well besides marrying my husband and creating that bucket list!).  I work in the apparel industry, in denim to be exact. I actually work from home which has its perks, but I do miss interacting with humans on a daily basis.  I would be described as a ‘people person’, I know cliché, but true.  Most people would describe me as sweet and cute, I think because I am only 5’ tall and ‘curvy’.  In fact, a friend once told me that I couldn’t be ‘sexy’ because I was just too cute.  Slam!  Really!   My husband says he disagrees, but I know he thinks I am cute too ;-).  I also am an open book, so I guess that is why I decided to start a blog.  So with that said, ask me anything you want.

And my husband, well, he is a dreamboat, so handsome!  He grew up in Athens, Georgia but was born in Madrid, Spain – you can’t beat a Spanish Southerner.  He has also lived in many places in the US including Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina.  He moved to NYC 5 years ago and of course that was the best decision he has ever made because that move lead to me  :-)  He is an Urban Planner and loves being creative.  He is a little quieter than me and likes his alone time, in fact he would love my gig of working from home.  Writing and ‘exposing’ himself on a blog is definitely out of his comfort zone, but he is game.  He is a participant is pretty much everything on the all three Bucket lists, but will not post as much as I do (although he did promise to post once a month :-).

We are a perfect match and compliment and support each other in everything we do.  We are best friends and are excited to share our life together and to share our journey to complete our Bucket List with you.

Thanks for reading!

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